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LED PowerLite-- Power and Light for Your Next Trek.  


LED PowerLite—A Waterproof Flashlight with a Power bank for long life & charging devices.  


With a Power bank, you have power on the Go, equipped with USB and Micro USB Ports  


The High Lumen LED Torch Light is Great for Long Range Applications.  


The Bar Light has 3 modes of white Led for fixing, working, or Learning.  


Also, a warm led light for camping, fishing, and well , just plane chillin.    


The Bar light has a flashing red/blue security beacon.  


This waterproof flashlight has a long lasting battery , magnet mount, window breaker, and carrying hook.  


So When you Go, Take LED PowerLite, Better off with it,   then without it.  


Small PowerLite Specs:

Wattage: 3w

Lumens: 160

Battery Size: 2600mAH

6 Light Modes: Flashlight (Torch)- 8 Hours

White Bar Light: Low- 30 Hours Medium-20 Hours High-8 Hours Yellow Bar Light-20 Hours Emergency Beacon Red/Blue Flashing-30 Hours  


Medium PowerLite Specs:

Wattage: 4w  

Lumens: 280  

Battery Size: 5200mAH  

6 Light Modes:  Flashlight (Torch)- 8 Hours  

White Bar Light:  Low- 30 Hours  Medium-20 Hours  High-8 Hours  Yellow Bar Light-20 Hours Emergency Beacon Red/Blue Flashing-30 Hours

Waterproof Flashlight w/ Power Bank

  • LED Power Light has a limited warranty.