80% of our total retailers choose to dropship the products they purchase from our company. Not only does the retailer have free shipping, the retailer can also send the products directly to the customer without ever having to come in contact with the products.

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Our Drop-Shipping Speeds are the Fastest in the United States.

We use USPS Air First Class Shipping whenever you receive an order from a customer. You'll be updated with Immediate Tracking and so will your customer.

Drop-Shipping enables your business to be able to Buy Stock On-Demand without having to purchase and hold any inventory at all.




1. Free 2 Day Shipping
2. On Demand Inventory
3. No More Shipping
4. No More Packaging
5. No More Tracking
3. No More Taxes
4. No More Tariffs
5. No More Stocking
6. No More Inventory


When it comes to the services we offer as a wholesale company, Drop-Shipping is by far our most Popular Service.

Over 30,000 Units have been Drop-Shipped in the lifetime of our company. We sell to nearly 3,000 Retail Stores and over 500 Individual Online Retailers in which 80% Drop-Ship their products directly to customers.

One of the Biggest Benefits of choosing our drop-shipping is that it is 100% Free! We do not charge anything for our Drop-Shipping Service. This service is complimentary when any amount of product has been from our Company Directly.